Helsinki Pub Race
game development

This project was done in cooperation with Unfair Advangage Ltd for Guinness, with the goal of increasing sales of Guiness in Helsinki. Race was creating a competition among the bar customers, who could track their progress on the web site. Because of law issues we couldn't use Guinness logo on the web site, but only in printed materials inside the bars. There're were 17 bars involved, and the Race attracted large amount of people; hundreds of them became registered players.


web palette and typography

Web palette and typography

UI: at home

UI for the front page: sign up

UI: at the bar

UI for the front page: check in

graphic element prototyping

UI prototyping

web site design
User statistics

Live results on a site and a paper sign-up form

print palette and typography

Print palette and typography

generic Race poster and cards Student party poster themed event cards

Themed event cards on the homepage as a links to event photos. Individual design was made for each event.